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Niki De Saint Phalle

The recently released song LOVE LETTER is a major departure from Soko's previous work, was inspired by the French sculptor, painter, and filmmaker Niki De Saint Phalle (1930-2002) and her 1988 book My Love, Where Shall We Make Love?. Art show curator and film director Aaron Rose, (part of the Beautiful Losers art movement) used drawings from the book to create the video for Soko's song. Said Rose, "The way Soko took the feeling of the text in the book and completely transformed it into her own just blew me away." LOVE LETTER is available on iTunes.

Soko Describes Her Most Memorable Gig

"I was in Leipzig, Germany doing a movie and I just posted something on Facebook like "Hey, I'm going to be there tomorrow night. I don't know anyone over here, but would you guys want to come if I played a show? Find me somewhere and I'll be there". And they wrote, "Oh, you could play in that park, by the pond". I agreed, and I asked the director of the movie that I was doing if he wanted to come to see me play a few acoustic songs. When we got there, there were like three hundred people who had come over within only four or five hours. Everyone bought candles and blankets and tea and stuff. It was totally dark in this park. I was playing acoustic with no microphone or anything and it was just impossible. I asked people to raise their hands so I would go and play where there were the most raised hands and I would change location at each song. It was one of those really amazing shows and I played for two hours. I thought there were going to be about ten people there. It was the most beautiful thing ever."
-- (from DIY interview by Huw Oliver)


Stephanie DiGusto and Soko

Soko described this picture on Instagram: "On set of La Danseuse telling secrets and all my insecurities to my beautiful director Stephanie DiGiusto in my favorite flower head piece."


Joan Jett / Soko - photo by Brad Elterman

Los Angeles photographer Brad Elterman, who photographed Joan Jett in the 1970's, did a photoshoot with Soko recapitulating Joan Jett's poses at some of the same locations, and published them in his new column Le Reve

FREE THE NIPPLE - Join the Revolution

Soko was part of the Free the Nipple PSA "Everybody's Gotta Eat" (video on YouTube), directed by Sophie Tabet.

Soko - free the nipple




"I just did an interview for a gay women's magazine in France. They asked me something about lesbians who are anti-bi. I had no idea people like that existed. It's weird to me. Everyone is all about fighting homophobia, but then homosexuals are straight-o-phobic, or bi-o-phobic. It's like, 'Stop being a fucking hypocrite about it! You want people to tolerate you for not being like them, but then you go and do this.' You can't march for equal rights and then not tolerate someone who isn't like you."
---- (to Hayden Manders of Refinery 29)


Madonna released this video, featuring Soko, in celebration of International Women's Day 2017, dedicating it to all women who fight for freedom. Others in the video are: Baylee Olsen, McCall Olsen, Larry Larkin, and Julia Cumming. Soko tweeted: "She asked if I could waltz, and then we danced."


A week before the release of Residente's new album, he has released a single, titled Desencuentro (Disconnect), featuring Soko. The track can be streamed on Spotify, and is available on iTunes.

"I am Residente," he said. "I decided to make music based on my DNA, so I traveled the world discovering sounds and uncovering stories. We are all residents in the spaces that confine us. Only here, there are no borders."


New Soko t-shirts

For Valentine's Day 2016, Soko created a 'zine called SEXTAGRAM, which explores some of the private DMs that flood her Instagram inbox. In her words, some of the nudes and kinky messages are "just gross, sometimes romantic, sometimes cute, hilarious, very forward, super sexy, creative, and extremely ballsy." The 'zine presents some of her favorite DMs thus far. It can be pre-ordered from Autre Magazine for $10.

Seven t-shirt designs, tote bags, plus stickers and buttons, are available from Hello Merch Shirts are $20, totes $15 (plus shipping). A Limited Edition cassette tape of the album "My Dreams Dictate My Reality" is also available.

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DIABOLO MENTHE (Mint Lemonade)

Soko covers the French classic "Diabolo Menthe" (video directed by Drake Doremus). The other woman in the video is Maria Valverde. It the first song Soko has released in French. She assures us that there will be more to come.