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-- Last updated 25 March 2020


Soko's next album, "Feel Feelings", can now be pre-ordered in the UK from Norman Records or Rough Trade. The album will be released on 24 April. Below is the tracklist:

Feel Feelings album art

  1. Are You A Magician?
  2. Being Sad is not a Crime
  3. Blasphémie
  4. Looking For Love
  5. Oh, To Be A Rainbow!
  6. Quiet Storm
  7. Don't Tell Me To Smile
  8. Replaceable Heads
  9. Let Me Adore You
  10. Now What?
  11. Time Waits For No One
  12. Hurt Me With Your Ego


The first single from FEEL FEELINGS, which is due out in April, is "Being Sad Is Not A Crime". Rolling Stone France said: "The title says it all, according to Soko, about this social norm. She said in a press release: 'I hate that as adults we have been taught not to cry...Do not cry in public...We have been taught to suppress our feelings. But sadness is a very true feeling and it's okay to feel excitement, anger and joy.' She is right and puts it brilliantly to music, since this song, in addition to having a soft Mac DeMarco (in his cowboy period) sound, takes advantage of the tender and melancholy voice of the singer."


Soko gave birth to Indigo Blue Honey Sokolinski (the name is a reference to the song Indigo Blue by The Clean) on 30 October 2018 at 11:58pm.

Soko and Indigo Soko and Indigo

She told Garage Magazine the story of Indigo's birth.

"I had four really close friends with me in the delivery room, all women. My doula, Rima, is a Kundalini prenatal teacher, so she was playing mantras and we were singing these Sanskrit songs, playing crystal bowls, music, and chimes. She told us that massaging breasts is great to induce faster labor and faster contraction, and so, at some point, someone asked, 'Okay, do you want an eight-hand breast massage?'"

TOP 20

W Magazine publihed a list of the 20 most iconic French women of all time, and Soko was number eleven on that list, which includes Eva Green, Audrey Tatou, and Brigitte Bardot.

Soko in W Magazine



Soko - photo by Chuck Grant

"I smoked weed for the very first time when I was twenty-eight. And I smoke weed occasionally. But it's really not an issue. It's like something I would do like once a month if I'm making music or if I'm in the studio or it's around. But it's really not a thing in my life. I'm not addicted to it, I don't buy it. I don't have it around. And also it's natural, and it has so many healing properties. I did drink red wine once, about four years ago—a one-night thing for Halloween, for my best friend's birthday, and it was awful. I got allergic to it. I couldn't even open my eyes for a week. It's the last time I drank."
--- "GQ - 15 January 2019"


"I was in Leipzig, Germany doing a movie and I just posted something on Facebook like "Hey, I'm going to be there tomorrow night. I don't know anyone over here, but would you guys want to come if I played a show? Find me somewhere and I'll be there". And they wrote, "Oh, you could play in that park, by the pond". I agreed, and I asked the director of the movie that I was doing if he wanted to come to see me play a few acoustic songs. When we got there, there were like three hundred people who had come over within only four or five hours. Everyone bought candles and blankets and tea and stuff. It was totally dark in this park. I was playing acoustic with no microphone or anything and it was just impossible. I asked people to raise their hands so I would go and play where there were the most raised hands and I would change location at each song. It was one of those really amazing shows and I played for two hours. I thought there were going to be about ten people there. It was the most beautiful thing ever."
-- (from DIY interview by Huw Oliver)


"I just did an interview for a gay women's magazine in France. They asked me something about lesbians who are anti-bi. I had no idea people like that existed. It's weird to me. Everyone is all about fighting homophobia, but then homosexuals are straight-o-phobic, or bi-o-phobic. It's like, 'Stop being a fucking hypocrite about it! You want people to tolerate you for not being like them, but then you go and do this.' You can't march for equal rights and then not tolerate someone who isn't like you."
---- (to Hayden Manders of Refinery 29)

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