STÉPHANIE SOKOLINSKI (Soko) as Camille Valence in

Season One - Episode Six. First aired 24 November 2005


Soko - Camille Valence
Bernard Tapie - Commissaire Valence
Kader Boukhanef - Barth
Loïc Corbery - Carrère
Cécile Siméone - Laurence
Edgar Givry - attorney
Hélène Seuzaret - Muriel Donatello
Laurent Hennequin - Michaud
Eric Defosse - Jean-Pierre Lefranc
Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu - Sophie Leroux
Estelle Krol - Sophie Leroux's daughter
Sophie Barjac - Madame Barthélémy
Jean-Yves Gautier - Monsieur Barthélémy
Christian Mulot - Frachon
David Gouhier - Frachon's colleague
Ariane Pirie - neighbor
Rémi Bichet - Michel Garnier
Brigitte Faure - Madame Sicard
Bastien Catenacci - Guillaume Sicard
Emmanuelle Cosso - negotiator
Yves Le Moign - Bourguignon
Emanuel Booz - Aubert
Léo Grandperret - Pierrot
Manuel Guillot - brewery customer
Marie Lenoir - dead Ingrid

In this episode, Commissioner Valence faces a complex investigation of a series of murders in which the perpetrator maims his victims and burns their hands, and leaves no clues at the scene of his crimes. Aided by his deputies, the Commissioner, overworked and sleepless, must solve these complex crimes.

Commissioner Valence is about a charismatic district police officer who suffers from insomnia. Each episode deals with one or more police investigations into cases of assault, murder, prostitution, or drug trafficking,

Bernard Tapie plays the title role of the French detective. The series has been airing since 2003 in prime time on Thursday evening at a rate of one to four episodes per year. Note that the series has hosted some former star academicians as Jéremy Chatelain and Maud Verdeyen (seen in the fifth edition of the show).

Commissaire Valence - Soko being very French Commissaire Valence - Soko in front of piano bar Commissaire Valence - Soko with exasperated uncle